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Working the Program

What is Working the Program?

Codependence is often elusive and sometimes has a devastating impact in our lives. For many, the Patterns and undesirable traits found in the Characteristics of being Codependent shows up in our lives negatively impacting our relationships - with others and perhaps more importantly, with ourselves.

It is Your Happiness - and Your Program

Working the Program is not a predetermined series of steps; rather, a spiritually based recovery program based on the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.  The course you take in your recovery is an individual journey.  We encourage you - to the degree you feel comfortable - to seek the input from those who seem to have a recovery similar to what you would like.  Work at your own pace.  Find happiness by working your program.

Working the Program is a personal choice. It is not compulsory, not a requirement, nor mandatory. It cannot be demanded or forced upon anyone that does not want to change or recover from their own unwanted circumstances. Recovery takes a leap of faith that offers no guarantees or benefits that can and will make life more meaningful and worthwhile for perhaps the first time in life’s experiences.

It is More Than a Choice...

  • Choose to do as little or as much as you want to do, or nothing at all

  • The choice is up to you whether you know it or not, or want it or not

  • You can take what you need and leave the rest

  • You can make the choices that produce the best or worst consequences

  • The power and responsibility of choice is your hands– if you choose

Where Do I Begin?

Working the Program is more than a choice, it's choice in action and for many, a leap of faith. CoDA doesn’t automatically work for those who need it. It only works for those who want to change their lives.  It works when you work it.

The first step is to attend a CoDA meeting.  Online and telephone meetings are available for those who happen not to live near a CoDA meeting.

CoDA is not something to get through but a spiritual journey to learn a new way to let go and find peace with your self and others.


Taking Action..."It works if you work it"

The definition of insanity, it has been said, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results! Taking action begins with baby steps:

  • Attend Meetings

  • Step Study Groups

  • 12 Steps  “Working the Steps”

  • Service Work

  • Use the phone list. Call someone!

  • 12 Traditions

  • Prayer and Meditation

  • CoDA Books and Literature

  • Family of Origin Work

  • Consider getting a Counselor or Therapist

  • Fun, Play, & Relaxation

  • Be a Sponsor

  • Find a Sponsor

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