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The 12 Promises

I know a new sense of belonging. The feeling of emptiness and loneliness will disappear.

2  I am no longer controlled by my fears. I overcome my fears and act with courage, integrity and dignity.

I know a new freedom.

4  I release myself from worry, guilt, and regret about my past and present. I am aware enough not to repeat it.

I know a new love and acceptance of myself and others. I feel genuinely lovable, loving and loved.

I learn to see myself as equal to others. My new and renewed relationships are all with equal partners.

7  I am capable of developing and maintaining healthy and loving relationships. The need to control and manipulate others will disappear as I learn to trust those who are trustworthy.

I learn that it is possible to mend – to become more loving, intimate and supportive. I have the choice of communicating with my family in a way which is safe for me and respectful of them.

9  I acknowledge that I am a unique and precious creation.

10  I no longer need to rely solely on others to provide my sense of worth.

11  I trust the guidance I receive from my higher power and come to believe in my own capabilities.

12  I gradually experience serenity, strength, and spiritual growth in my daily life.

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